Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Samantha "Delivers": British First Lady Gives Birth To A Daughter

David Cameron 'Thrilled' At Birth Of Baby Girl

The Telegraph
By James Kirkup, Political Correspondent

August 24, 2010

David Cameron said today the birth of his fourth child, a baby girl born early and delivered by Caesarean section, was "absolutely thrilling, really exciting".

The Prime Minister's wife Samantha went into labour this morning and gave birth at the Royal Cornwall Hospital in Truro at about midday.

The baby, weighing 6lb 1oz, had been due next month but took the Cameron’s by surprise while they were holidaying in Cornwall.

A beaming Mr. Cameron told reporters the "unbelievably beautiful girl" did not have a name yet, but said it would "have to have something Cornish in the middle".

"It was very exciting, we were on holiday, thought we were going to get through the holiday and then have a baby, and then it just seemed to kick off a bit quickly," the Prime Minister said.

"We woke up this morning and thought she was having contractions and it was all beginning to get going, so we thought we would come to the hospital just to get everything checked out, and then things sort of sped up and it all happened very very quickly and the baby popped out out at about 12 o'clock.”

"They seemed to be doing fine and my job was to make the toast and the tea, things like that, but it's absolutely thrilling, really exciting and it's just lovely they are both doing so well."

A Downing Street spokesman said: "The Prime Minister and Mrs Cameron are delighted to announce the birth of their fourth child, a baby girl. Both the baby - who was born weighing 6lbs 1oz - and Mrs Cameron are doing very well.”

"The PM and Mrs Cameron would like to thank the doctors and nurses at the hospital for their help and kindness."

Mr Cameron said the early birth had been "a bit of a shock".

He said: "It was a bit of a shock. I always thought it was possible because Samantha's have tended to come a bit early.”

"She had been having contractions for the last couple of days on and off and just sort of thought this was time to come to the hospital and check out, see if everything was fine, and the next thing we knew we were all getting into the gear and baby was coming out."

Mr Cameron said he was "in for suggestions" for names with a Cornish link.

"It was very exciting having a baby in Cornwall, we'll have to have something Cornish in there somewhere.”

"I've got the book out, Samantha's having a look through and she'll decide, I'm sure, before long."

Tamara was suggested to the Prime Minister as a possible name - a reference to the River Tamar which forms Cornwall's border with Devon.

"Well obviously we're the right side of the Tamar, that's right," he said.

The child is only the second born to a serving prime minister in 150 years. The other child was Leo Blair, the son of Tony and Cherie Blair, born in May 2000.

The Camerons' first child, Ivan, died last January aged six. The couple have two surviving children, Nancy, 6, and Arthur Elwyn, 4. Both were "thrilled, bouncing up and down, and dying to say hello to the new baby", Mr Cameron said.

In May 2000, Leo Blair became the first child to be born to a serving prime minister.
Shadow foreign secretary and Labour leadership favourite David Miliband said: "I'd like to offer many congratulations to Samantha and David Cameron on the birth of their baby girl."

Deputy Prime Minister Nick Clegg, who was holding the fort in Downing Street during the Camerons' holiday, sent his congratulations to the Prime Minister.

He said: "Miriam and I are absolutely delighted by the fantastic news.”

"All our best wishes are with David and Samantha at this special time for them and their family."

Ancestry of
The  Cameron Children

1a      Ivan Reginald Ian Cameron.  8.IV.2002 - 25.II.2009
1b      Nancy Gwendoline Cameron.  19.I.2004 -
1c      Arthur Elwen Cameron.  14.II.2006 -
1d      Florence Rose Endellion Cameron.  24.VIII.2010


2        David William Donald Cameron.  9.X.1966 -    m:  1.VI.1996
3        Samantha Gwendoline Sheffield.  18.IV.1971 -

4        Ian Donald Cameron.  
          10.XII.1932 -  m:  20.X.1962
5        Mary Fleur Mount.  22.X.1934 -

6        Sir Reginald Adrian Berkeley Sheffield, 8th Bart. 
          9.V.1946 -   m:  11.XI.1969  d: 1975
7        Annabel Lucy Veronica Jones.  1946 -


8        Ewen Donald Cameron.    1906 – 1958  m: 17.XII.1930  d: bfre 1946
9        Enid Agnes Maud Levita.  10.II.1908 – 1993

10      Sir William Malcolm Mount, 2nd Bart. 
          28.XII.1904 – 22.VI.1993  m:  17.X.1929
11      Elizabeth Nance Llewellyn.  22.XII.1904 -

12      Reginald Sheffield.  24.X.1908 – 6.III.1977  m:  12.XI.1931
13      Nancie Miriel Denise Soames.  1907 - 10.II.1997

14      Timothy Angus Jones.  d. 1960 m:  23.I.1948 
15      Patricia David Pandora Clifford.  29.I.1930 - 1988


16      Ewen Allan Cameron.  1879 - 14.XI.1937  m:  22.VII.1905
17      Rachel Margaret Geddes.  d. 19.V.1969

18      Arthur Francis Levita.  1865 – 18.XI.1910  m:  19.XII.1903
19      Stephanie Agnes Cooper.  5.IX.1883 – 9.XII.1918

20      Sir William Arthur Mount, 1st bart.
          3.VIII.1866 – 8.XII.1930  m:  9.XI.1899
21      Hilda Lucy Adelaide Low.  23.V.1875 - 3.IV.1950

22      Owen John Llewellyn.  1870 -         m: 1903
23      Anna Elizabeth Mann.  1877 -

24      Sir Berkeley Digby George Sheffield, 6th bart.
          18.I.1876 – 26.XI.1946  m:  18.VII.1904
25      Baroness Julia Marie van Tuyll van Serooskernken.
          8.I.1883 – 14.VII.1952

26      Edward Roland Soames.  X/XII.1868 – 1943  m: 15.IV.1899
27      Eleanor Corisande Astley.  1867 – 20.VII.1950

28      Sir George Roderick Jones. 31.X.1877 – 23.I.1962  m:  1920
29      Enid Algernin Bagnold.  27.X.1889 – 31.III.1981

30      Hon. Sir Bede Edmund Hugh Clifford.
          1890 – 6.X.1969  m:  21.X.1925
31      Alice Gundry.  1902 - 1980


32      Sir Ewen Cameron.  23.VI.1841 – 10.XII.1908  m:  1878
33      Josephine Elizabeth Houchen.  1857 -

34      Alexander Geddes.  d.  2.VII.1902   m:  15.XI.1877
35      Frances R. Sharp. 

36      Émile George Charles Levita.  1827 – 21.VII.1909  m:  1860
37      Katherine Plumridge Rée.  1842 – 20.I.1896

38      Sir Alfred Cooper.  1838 – 3.III.1908  m: 4.VII.1882
39      Lady Agnes Cecil Emmeline Duff.  18.V.1852 – 11.I.1925

40      William George Mount.  18.VII.1824 – 14.I.1906 
          m:  28.VIII.1862
41      Marianne Emily Clutterbuck.  18.XII.1837 - 19.IX.1928

42      William Malcolm Low.  6.XI.1835 – 14.VI.1923  m:  30.VII.1872
43      Lady Ida Matilda Alice Feilding.  23.VI.1840 – 16.XII.1915

44      Evan Henry Llewellyn.  25.II.1847 – 27.II.1914  m; 29.X.1868
45      Mary Blanche Somers. 1847 -    

46      William John Mann.  VII/IX.1848 -
47      Julia Brown.

48      Sir Robert Sheffield, 5th bart.  8.XII.1823 – 23.X.1886  m:  30.I.1867
49      Priscilla Isabel Laura Dumaresq.  d.  30.V.1900

50      Baron Willem Charles Reginald van Tuyll van Serooskernken.
          25.IX.1845 – 17.X.1903  m:  5.I.1881
51      Countess Anna Mathilde van Limburg-Stirum.
          24.VII.1854 – 14.V.1932

52      Stephen Soames.   6.VIII.1826 – 14.VII.1908   m:  VII/IX.1863
53      Julia Constance Martin.  1.X.1837 -

54      Sir John Dugdale Astley, 3rd bart.  19.II.1828 – 10.X.1894 
          m:  22.V.1858
55      Eleanor Blanche Mary Corbett.  d.  7.VI.1897

56      Roderick Patrick Jones. 
57      Christina Gibb.

58      Arthur Henry Bagnold.  18.III.1845 – 9.XII.1943  m:  1888
59      Ethel Alger.  VII/IX.1866 -

60      William Hugh Clifford, 10th Baron Clifford of Chudleigh.
          17.XII.1858 – 5.VII.1943  m:  1886
61      Catherine Mary Bassett.  1856 - III.1943

62      John Murton Gundry.  7.IX.1859 – 19.XII.1939  m:  1891
63      Frances Ruth Gilchrist.  18.IX.1875 -


64      William Cameron.  4.II.1806 -       m:  16.VI.1840
65      Catherine Cameron.  22.I.1809 -

66      John Houchen.  d. 6.X.1898  m: 29.XI.1845
67      Susannah Vautier.  d. 1859

68      John Geddes.
69      Jean McConnachie.

70      Hugh Sharp.
71      Rachel Stewart.

72- 73 Untraced. 
74      Herman Philipp Ree.  19.XII.1798 – 30.XII.1877  m:  1838
75      Catherine German.  1819 – 24.II.1856

76      William Cooper. 
77      Anna Marsh.  d. 1900

78      James Duff, 5th Earl of Fife.  6.VII.1814 – 7.VIII.1879  m:  16.III.1846
79      Lady Agnes Georgina Elizabeth Hay.  11.V.1829 – 18.XII.1869

80      William Mount.  21.XI.1787 – 10.IV.1869  m:  27.VI.1818
81      Charlotte Talbot.  d.  17.I.1879

82      Robert Clutterbuck.  17.X.1798 – 15.IX.1879  m:   28.IX.1828
83      Elizabeth Anne Hulton.  1803 – 15.XI.1851

84      Sir John Low.  13.XII.1788 – 10.I.1880  m:  10.IV.1829
85      Augusta Ludlow Shakspear.  4.III.1809 – 16.VIII.1892

86      William Basil Percy Feilding, 7th Earl of Denbigh, 6th Earl of Desmond.
          25.III.1796 – 25.VI.1865  m:  8.V.1822
87      Lady Mary Elizabeth Kitty Moreton.  14.XII.1798 – 16.XII.1842 

90      Thomas Somers.  15.VI.1812 – 2.XII.1862  m;  9.VI.1840
91      Elizabeth Williams.

92- 95 Untraced.
96      Sir Robert Sheffield,  4th bart.  25.II.1786 – 7.XI.1862  m:  8.XII.1818
97      Julia Brigida Newbold.     d.  28.X.1875

98      Lt.-Col. Henry Dumaresq.  17.I.1792 – 5.III.1838  m:  1828
99      Lady Sophia Butler-Danvers.  d.  12.III.1877

100     Baron Vincent Gildemeester van Tuyll van Serooskernken.
          13.III.1812 – 17.III.1860  m:  8.VIII.1844
101     Charlotte Henriette Mansfield.  28.V.1818 – 9.II.1869

102     Count Leopold van Limburg-Stirum.  22.I.1818 – 24.II.1900  m:  11.VI.1851
103     Julie Marie Barre.  23.VI.1822 – 5.VI.1867

104     Charles Soames.  24.X.1793 19.IX.1871  m: 12.VIII.1820
105     Jane Cattley.  d. 13.III.1851

106     William Bennett Martin.  7.X.1796 – 6.IV.1847  m: 28.XI.1831
107     Augusta Maria Chaloner.  23.V.1809 - 19.VII.1859

108     Sir Francis Dugdale Astley, 2nd Bart.  5.XI.1805 – 23.VII.1873  m:  26.XI.1826
109     Emma Dorothea Lethbridge.  1807 - 9.XII.1872

110     Thomas George Corbett. 29.VII.1796 - 5.VII.1868  m:  15.XII.1837
111     Lady Mary Noel Beauclerk.  28.XII.1810 – 29.XI.1850

112-113 Untraced.
114     William Gibb.
115     Untraced.

116     Michael Edward Bagnold.  12.VII.1787 – 15.XII.1857 m: 
117     Eliza Larkins Walker.

118     William Henry Alger.  14.III.1836 -   m:  10.X.1865
119     Elizabeth Agnes Rees.

120     Charles Hugh Clifford, 8th Baron Clifford of Chudleigh.
          27.VII.1819 – 5.VIII.1880  m: 30.IX.1845
121     Hon. Agnes Louisa Catherine Peto.  29.I.1826 – 25.V.1891

122     Richard Bassett.
123     Mary Worthylane.

124     Joseph Gundry.  1822 – 1899  m:
125     Sarah Perry.  1823 -

126     Joseph Clough Gilchrist.  29.VIII.1850 – 22.V.1919
127     Alice Chambers Devin.

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