Thursday, August 26, 2010

So What's In A Name? The Cameron's Name Their Baby Daughter

Florence Rose Endellion Cameron


FLORENCE: The name Florence means flowering, flourishing. It has Latin origins, and derives from the name Florentia. It is also the English equivalent of the Italian city Firenze. Florence was popular in Victorian times and especially following the Crimean War thanks to Florence Nightingale.

ROSE: The name Rose derives from the Norman words for bright and kind. It was revived as a given name in the 19th Century thanks to the flower of the same name. The rose flower is also a Christian symbol for the Virgin Mary.

ENDELLION: St Endellion is a civil parish and village in north Cornwall. The parish takes its name from Saint Endelienta, who is said to have evangelized the district in the fifth century. Two wells near the village are named after her. The Gaelic version means fire.There may be an evocation of the early British sea-god Endil in the name.  Five adults in the UK share the forename. Pictured above is Cartway Cove, St Endellion.

St. Endellion
Legend says St Endellion, was the daughter of a Welsh king and 
that she was god-daughter-of King Arthur, who helped her when a local lord killed her cow.


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